DATE: MARCH 31, 2022



Aldo Nova-The Life and Time of Eddie Gage-10 song EP-out tomorrow 04/01/22///3-min trailer

Thumb through your record collection, Spotify library, or YouTube search history and, chances are, you’ve listened to ALDO NOVA at some point.

The GRAMMY® Award-winning phenomenon and singer, songwriter and guitarist has not only penned various definitive rock anthems from his multi-platinum solo anthems such as “Fantasy,” “Monkey On Your Back” and many more but his touch can be felt on dozens of influential records from Céline Dion, Jon Bon Jovi, Faith Hill, and many more.

Tomorrow (April 1), ALDO unleashes the epic THE LIFE AND TIMES OF EDDIE GAGE 10-song EP. Get it here. Today (March 31), he has rolled out a video recap of the EP’s three clips for “Burn Like The Sun,” “Free Your Mind,and “King Of Deceit. Watch the trailer here.

This 10-track preview EP with songs taken from his 25-song, two hours plus-long rock opera THE LIFE AND TIMES OF EDDIE GAGE proves equally relevant in terms of rock’s past, present, and future. ALDO tells a story like never before about Eddie Gage, a young musical prodigy that becomes the ultimate Rockstar but then gets drawn into the sordid reality of the darker side of the music industry where he then falls, and with faith and hope, is reborn. This is not your average story though, since it is also based in theology, and mysticism, where names must be decoded, and lyrics read to discover the true characters hidden in the story. Eddie Gage essentially doubles as the musician’s own avatar through all those years recording music under major label shackles to this point in his career where he releases this EP of all new material on the 40th anniversary of the release of his multi-platinum top ten eponymous first album. all the songs were written, performed, produced, engineered and mixed by ALDO.

ALDO sets the stage for the EP with the singles “King Of Deceit, “Burn Like The Sun,” “Free Your Mind, and “Hey Ladi Dadi, generating streams in the hundreds of thousands already and earning early acclaim including praise from Goldmine Magazine (3/22/22): “It’s a magnificent return and a reflection of how broad and striking his musical talents have always been.” Elsewhere, Sonic Perspectives (2-16-22) raved: “Its ten tracks are a group of diverse, high-energy rockers packed with Aldo‘s thunderous guitar work, soaring vocals, and heartfelt lyrics.”

With THE LIFE AND TIMES OF EDDIE GAGE EP, ALDO is delivering an expansive vision as the culmination of his incredible journey thus far, and it only hints at more to come. This prolific presence has quietly helped shaped the sound of rock and popular music since the onset of his career. He’s bringing a dream vision to life in 2022.

Allow ALDO to introduce you to Eddie Gage now…


Born Aldo Caporuscio, he opened this channel forty years ago with his 1982 double-platinum top ten self-titled debut, Aldo Nova, and its definitive Hot 100 smash single “Fantasy.” On the heels of the platinum-selling Subject…Aldo Nova and Twitch, he emerged as a trusted collaborator for some of the biggest stars in the world. He co-wrote the song “Mr. Big Time” for the soundtrack of the movie, “Armageddon,” and worked closely with Jon on his soundtrack album for the film, “Young Guns 2,” writing the signature riff from Jon Bon Jovi’s “Blaze of Glory.” Bon Jovi returned the favor by collaborating on ALDO’s 1991 Blood on the Bricks. Working closely with Céline Dion, he penned “A New Day Has Come,” “Your Light,” “I Can’t Fight the Feeling,” and “You and I,” even garnered a GRAMMY® Award in the category of Album of the Year” for co-writing and producing 3 songs from her diamond-selling album Falling Into You. Not to mention, his discography also includes writing songs for everyone from Faith Hill, Carole King, and Clay Aiken to Garou and Blue Öyster Cult.


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