We The People is classic Ford with twists from the soft and tender, to the rebellious and includes some unique duets that work perfectly, making this a creative masterpiece from beginning to end.”
–Michelle Kennedy, The Country Note, 9/28/19



Country star and multi-million-selling artist COLT FORD has shared a fun and revealing track-by-track interview (*see below*) that takes listeners inside the songs on his newly released seventh album WE THE PEOPLE, VOLUME 1 (released September 20 on Average Joes Entertainment).
The 14-song album includes the latest hit “Slow Ride,” the groove-driven song featuring guest vocals by number-one hitmaker, Mitchell Tenpenny, to create a seriously infectious blend that radio is embracing:
“First listen to ‘Slow Ride’ and KNEW immediately it was a hit! It’s Colt at his best with M10. How can you go wrong with these two?”  —Tom Hanrahan WDXB Birmingham, AL 
“The feedback from our listeners [for ‘Slow Ride’] was so overwhelmingly positive…our listeners are totally on board…country music offers something for everyone.” — Lisa Johnson KHBZ Harrison, AR
The accompanying video for “Slow Ride” featuring Tenpenny was directed by Ed Pryor for Hideout Pictures and recently premiered on “YouTube Premieres” (here). It is also being broadcasted on CMT Music and can be seen at
FORD and his band are currently touring the country. View the tour dates here.
Track By Track
‘We The People, Volume 1’
“I’m Still Me”
 Early on in my career, I wanted to plant my flag like, “I’m Colt Ford. This is who I am. I don’t have to tell you; my music tells you.” “I’m Still Me” is me replanting that flag. After all these years, a lot of things have changed, but at the end of the day, I’m still me.
“Slow Ride” feat. Mitchell Tenpenny
I wrote “Slow Ride” with Taylor Phillips, Josh Mirenda, Jared Sciullo and Justin David Bertoldie, who plays fiddle in my band. “Slow Ride is just the melodic jam that has you 30 seconds into the song and you just wanna let the music take you. Lyrically it’s just the guy saying “hey let’s forget all the trouble and you and I get lost in each other.”
 “We The People”
 I don’t know if I’ve ever sounded as good as I do on “We The People” [laughs]. It’s just me. It’s not a political statement. I don’t care if you’re white, black, brown, purple, who you love, or whatever it is, come hang out, be a good human, and have some fun with other like minded people. We have one life; this is not a dress rehearsal, this is it. We can never survive happy and healthy if we don’t work together. 
“Back To Them Back Roads” feat. Jimmie Allen
 That was getting back to my roots like, “I don’t want y’all to forget how me and Brantley Gilbert took you down these dirt roads first. Let me show y’all where all of these back roads are. It still feels damn good to just crank it up loud, roll the windows down, and let the music do some good for your soul!” I love Jimmie Allen’s voice. He’s super talented and a great guy. I work with people I’m friends with. It’s not an industry setup. It’s organic. It’s more magical that way.
“Red, White, Blue, and Blessed” feat. Walker Montgomery
 It is what it is. I don’t like artists who get into politics. If you’re going to get up there and get involved with all this political shit, I expect you to really get in there and get your hands in it-don’t go on Twitter and Instagram and just say a bunch of dumb shit. As far as what the song is about, I support the men and women who provide our freedom. If you’re here and you’re in this country with all our opportunities, we’re red, white, blue, and blessed. The truth of the matter is, I watch what celebrities say. They want their words to be taken like gospel truth, but the truth is they didn’t study it. It’s an opinion! Keep your opinions to yourself and let audiences enjoy what you do and your God-given gifts.  That’s it, man.
“Night Cap” feat. Michael Ray 
I got that song from Tyler Hubbard who’s in Florida Georgia Line. Tyler was born and raised 25 minutes from where I’m from. I took Florida Georgia Line on the road before anybody else did. I believed in them. The success they’ve had is unbelievable. I sent him a message like, “Hey man, I need some songs.”As soon as he sent one, I knew I wanted it. He was like, “That’s ours!” [laughs] He sent me another one I loved, and he finally let me have it. It’s super cool, and it’s got crazy swagger and sexiness to it. It’s for the girls.
“Lucky Scars” feat. Eddie Montgomery 
As a songwriter, you write something and you’re like, “How has nobody written that?” That’s, “Thank my lucky scars” for me. Those stories are real. The names in there are real. We take some shots. A lot of people have become crybabies about a bunch of shit that ain’t even important. I wasn’t raised like that. We didn’t tattletale. If somebody hurt your feelings, you’d be in the middle of the front yard fighting back. An hour later, you’d be playing hide and seek. Stop being a cry baby, get on with living your best life, and be a good person.
“Where The Water Is” feat. Dan Tyminski
 This is one of my favorite songs on the record. I got it from Walker Hayes, one of my good buddies. It just feels so good–great vibe about it. I was finished with it and then asked Dan Tyminski to jump on here and what he did with his background vocals and on the underneath chorus was amazing. Then he grabbed the mandolin…and WOW. 
“Bring That ‘W’ Home”
 If you know anything about small towns, it’s a small-town anthem or theme song. Friday night football is a big deal in a small town. It’s life. It means everything to some of these people. Where my dad grew up, he didn’t have anything. He was a good athlete, so Friday night was as important as winning the lottery. It really resonates with me and how I was raised.
“Cooter Brown” feat. Larry Fleet
 My whole life, it’s a saying that I’ve heard, “Like, boy did you see Jim last night? He was drunker than Cooter Brown!” It’s a really good country tune that’ll be fun to play live.
“Bass Like That” feat. Dan Tyminski
 That song isn’t saying much; it’s just a fun one. There’s some funny sexual innuendos in there. It ain’t offensive. It’s country as heck though. I love the way I sound on it. With “Bass Like That,” I want to be able to reach some people who didn’t think they’d like country music, that’s as cool as winning a GRAMMY®.
“Time Machine”
 I’ll be 50 this year, and I’ve been so blessed and done so many cool things in my life. I’ve met some of the coolest people in the world. In terms of that song, as you get a little older, you start realizing how smart your parents were or a teacher or a coach and you start thinking back to those times. I’ve got a lot of life to live though. Looking back, people can relate to that song wherever you’re from of looking in that windshield and bringing back memories. It’s just a nostalgic, good, right-down-the-middle country song.
“How You Lose A Woman”
 That song was written 15 years ago. I’m a guy who loves songs; I love great songs. I don’t care if I wrote them. I thought that song was a number 1 hit from the moment I heard it. I’ve pitched it to multiple artists and said, “You’re crazy if you don’t cut this!” Fast forward all these years later and being more comfortable with who I am, I decided to cut it myself. It’s one of my favorite things I’ve ever done. Every man in the world should listen to it. I’m giving you a playbook on how to win. Every woman can relate straight up.
“We The People” (Remix) feat. DJ KO
 You put that on at any club, you ain’t getting off the dance floor!


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Colt Ford consistently blazes his own trail. By doing so, the Georgia singer, songwriter, rapper, musician, performer, and co-founder and co-owner of Average Joes Entertainment keeps up pace as country’s preeminent independent maverick. Selling over 3 million albums, attracting millions of followers on social media and hitting 1 billion-plus streams, the country artist’s dynamic discography spans collaborations with everyone from Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Keith Urban, and Jermaine Dupri to members of No Doubt, Lit, and Lady Antebellum. Additionally, he co-wrote Jason Aldean’s #1 hit “Dirt Road Anthem” and Brantley Gilbert’s #1 hit “Country Must Be Country Wide” as a behind-the-scenes force in the studio. Moreover, Ford’s solo tradition of genre-blurring continued on “Love Hope Faith” in  2017 by way of cuts such as “Reload” [feat. Taylor Ray Holbrook]. On “We The People Volume 1,” Ford continues to evolve his artistry and-as only he can-amp things up even further.
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