One of my early publicity clients in the biz at Michael Levine PR was Detroit metal act Madame X (thanks to Don Arden and Pat Siciliano at Jet Records). I needed a solid national look to turn folks onto their 1984 debut album, so I pitched Creem magazine the idea of a photo shoot for their “Creem Dreem” section with the band’s sisters Maxine Petrucci and Roxy Petrucci…and, yep, President Ronald Reagan. I somehow got permission from the Hollywood Wax Museum to do the shoot with their wax figure of Reagan one morning before it opened. Maxine and Roxy, with their gloriously teased hair and tons of make-up, cozied up to the conservative President, touching his face and neck and happily mugging for Robert Matheu’s camera. It was one of the best photo ops I ever set, but I was disappointed that we were not sued by the White House.