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SINGLE MUSIC was designed by musician and CEO Tommy Stalknecht to empower artists and labels to directly sell their merch and music with ease while making the most revenue. To further help artists achieve success, the company has developed a new marketing tool to drive follows, subscribes and pre-saves called BoostLinks. The tool allows artists to create a customizable landing page that combines their physical merch with pre-adds, saves and streaming links to increase fan engagement, follows and subscribes. With every purchase, the fan receives an email further ‘boosting’ whichever various channels they choose to promote. Further details can be found here: sn.gl/boost-launch.
Find out more about BoostLinks in the below Q&A with Stalknecht:
SINGLE MUSIC continues to keep growing and is now offering a new marketing tool, BoostLinks, which drives follows, subscribes and shares. Can you talk about how this will benefit both the fans, record labels and the artists who use SINGLE MUSIC?
“As the industry shifts to a streaming-first model, it’s important to update familiar tools like bundling for the new paradigm. Unlike iTunes’ halcyon days where one store carried 80% of the market, streaming has many major & minor players. Fans need a simple way to save or add music to whichever service they prefer.

“Through BoostLinks, artists can create a shareable landing page to promote their music across all platforms. They can also proactively market to fans who make a purchase from their store. Bundling digital albums with physical merch is nothing new but bundling a pre-save or follow with merch is. Artists and labels can even promote niche locations like TikTok, Patreon, Twitch & branded playlists–growing both their streaming plays and revenue.”


What inspired SINGLE MUSIC to come up with Boostlinks? Was it something your clients were asking for?
“Looking at trends in the industry, it’s clear that current initiatives center around pre-adds/saves of singles and albums. While d2c digital distribution & bundling remain a core service of Single, our mission is to create tools that benefit artists and their bottom line. We saw a gap in the market around a very common promotional tactic, and thought about ways it could be updated for the streaming-era.”
You are truly making it easier for musicians, who use SINGLE MUSIC, to create and tour by streamlining the process of selling music and merch to their fans. Since you are a musician yourself, can you shed some light on how musicians can benefit from this?
“It’s no secret that the majority of revenue an artist makes comes from touring and merchandise sales. While it’s unfortunate that artists are making less from their art, new technologies are stepping in–like Single & Shopify–to help artists maximize other revenue streams. Unlike platforms that take 10% of physical revenue in perpetuity, Shopify supports merch sales with a flat monthly fee –and Single monetizes direct-to-fan digital sales at less than half the cost of iTunes. Not only do artists keep drastically more money with this model, they have access to an incredible amount of data to help inform things like tour locations & sales strategies.”
Aligned with Shopify, SINGLE MUSIC continues to expand boundaries with their innovative app that allows direct-to-consumer sales as well as being the first and only Shopify app to offer BuzzAngle reporting–a new daily sales reporting system that is utilized by the new Rolling Stone Charts. The feature will be included at no additional cost with all digital and physical sales reporting which already includes instant reporting to Nielsen for official Billboard chart tallying.
SINGLE MUSIC now has over 900 artists currently signed up for their service, including Lil Peep, Sheck Wes, Toro Y Moi, Chromeo and newcomers T-Pain, Aaron Lewis and Lil Pump. They have also aligned themselves with many top merchandising companies such as Live Nation Merch, Futureshirts, The Hyv, Absolute Merch, Top Drawer Merch and more.
SINGLE MUSIC has confirmed over 150,000 digital albums purchased and 275,000 total sales reported to Soundscan including Gillian Welch‘s Oscar nominated single When A Cowboy Trades His Spurs For Wings,” along with Billboard #1 albums from Thirty Seconds to Mars, Kacey Musgraves, Peter Hollens, For King & Country and John Prine.



Here is a quick one-sheet with more info: singlemusic.com/s/single-onesheet-min.pdf

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