“It’s a This Is Your Life collection of the artists who influenced, played with, and were inspired by Osbourne, and, even with all the star power, it never feels like anything other than an Ozzy Osbourne album…an album that rocks harder than Ordinary Man without losing sight of Osbourne’s love of melody.”

“Ozzy Osbourne Is a Bright Light on Star-Studded Album Patient Number 9…”

“Patient Number 9 is fully a hard-rock and metal record…whether he gets back onstage or in a studio (and as his slowly improving health allows), this heavy-metal patient only sounds recharged…”
REVOLVER, 9-9-22

“Through it all, Osbourne sounds full of life…Patient Number 9 is a more focused work…there was speculation around Ordinary Man’s release that it could be Osbourne’s final album. Patient Number 9 proves that theory wrong. Don’t count him out just yet.”

“A new Ozzy Osbourne album still feels like a major event…When Ozzy speaks, the world still listens.  Patient Number 9 also happens to be Osbourne’s best album in years…The all-star supporting cast doesn’t outshine Ozzy, who sounds terrific…”
STEREOGUM, 9/21/22

“… a solid new solo album, Patient Number 9, packed with cameos from some of the greatest guitarists in rock, like Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Mike McCready, Zakk Wylde, and his old Sabbath cohort Tony Iommi…Osbourne has a great record to promote.”

Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer Ozzy Osbourne is still going strong.”
JAMBASE, 9/9/22

“There’s so much going on here. You’re getting reunions with old collaborators (Zakk Wylde, Robert Trujillo, and Tony Iommi), some new collaborators (Jeff Beck, Mike McCready, and more), it’s got Ozzy on harmonica for a song (at least?), and his strange sense of humor and darkness…it’s a solid Ozzy record. Andrew Watt knows really how to get Ozzy to be Ozzy.”

“Against all odds, Ozzy Osbourne’s 2020s output has been as strong if not stronger than the vast majority of his multi-decade discography. His 12th studio solo album, 2020’s Ordinary Man, sounded rejuvenated and inspired, with its moments of hard-hitting, Sabbath-echoing greatness… ‘Patient Number 9,’ arrives just two relatively short years after its predecessor and carries a similar crackle of reactivated excitement…Ozzy’s sound has always included a fine-tuned balance of powerhouse riffing and hooks derived from the more sinister reaches of pop, and that formula continues here… Patient Number 9 gets into more involved song structures and riskier production moves…Ozzy sounds hypercharged throughout Patient Number 9, continuing the unlikely late-in-the-game comeback he began on Ordinary Man, and besting that album by taking more chances.”

“The jaw-dropping array of music legends who lent their services to this album make Patient Number 9 a very entertaining listen, one in which Osbourne sounds as resilient and vocally powerful as always — a powerful reminder that even at 73, he can still rock as hard as anyone out there. Give it a listen.”

“No one can question the resiliency of the Prince of Darkness. Despite ongoing health concerns and an understanding from the legendary rocker and fans alike that any day could be his last, Ozzy Osbourne presses on…The tracks on Patient Number 9 are well-written, well-arranged and well-performed—and right in line with what fans have come to expect from the heavy metal hero.”
RIFF MAGAZINE, 9/9/22 (8/10)

“Genuinely one of the strongest albums Ozzy has released in years, Patient Number 9 might be weighted somewhat more towards the slower, power ballad side of things but when it gets going, it rocks like a motherfucker. The vocals are strong and vibrant, and if that’s due in part to studio tinkering then who cares?  Ozzy earned the right to do whatever the hell he wants a long time ago, and most importantly, it sounds fucking great.”
GHOST CULT MAGAZINE, 9/9/22 (8/10)

“Patient Number 9, also filled with big names, proves the Black Sabbath frontman is still very much in the game…altogether, Patient Number 9 is a gallant effort, brimming with energy and spirit. It perfectly captures the singer’s unique and stirring vocals, leading the charge over a mostly heavy soundtrack full of heart and passion. Perhaps more than anything, it finds Ozzy Osbourne untarnished by the wear and tear of his age and rockstar lifestyle — and far, far away from the finish line.”

“The most important British person of all time besides Tony Iommi releases his latest album, Patient Number 9, with a slew of guest appearances. It’s his best record since 2007’s No More Tears, thanks in part to the strong choices in guest features.”

“After all these years, Osbourne proves that he deserves not only the accolades but more so the adulation for his music. Patient Number 9 is another golden ring on his finger. The man may have been slowed down by his life’s challenges; but as an artist, his music is earthly eternal. All this said, Ozzy Osbourne is really alive and well, still rocking menacingly to his heart’s content. That is why Cryptic Rock gives Patient Number 9, 4 out of 5 stars.”


“The songs are tightly written…also finely balanced, the choruses big and bold enough to attract attention  but not overshadow the main attraction’s essential essence.”
The Guardian UK

“This is a swashbuckling return.”
Daily Mail UK

“…it’s a fizzing piece of hard-rock magic.”

“He’s doing the very things that first made him such an appealing Rock villain.”
The Times UK

“Patient Number 9: a defiantly bravura set of melodic metal on which the 73-year-old genuinely sounds as though he’s having the time of his life.”
Telegraph UK

“…in favour of a darker, heavier, more nuanced strain of epic metal, Ozzy has conjured some of his strongest material in decades.”
Metal Hammer UK

“…a massive celebration of life and friendship and the magic power of music.”
Kerrang! UK

“This one is a star-studded affair.”
Rolling Stone UK

“‘Patient Number 9’ needs to be in every hard rock collection.”
Arrow Lords of Metal Netherlands

“Ozzy still has a lot to say, and his voice sounds heartbreakingly beautiful”
De Volkskrant Netherlands

“Patient Number 9’ is a solid reminder that this legend is not going anywhere anytime soon.”
Spotlight Report Australia

“… the album delivers what you would expect from Ozzy, he does storytelling very well and he does it in a personal way that gives the listener insight into the man, the legend.”
Metal-Roos Australia

“The Prince of Darkness rides again on ‘Patient Number 9’, and it’s a regal adventure from start to finish courtesy of a once-in-a-lifetime talent (and some prodigious friends).”
The Soundcheck Australia

“This truly is a brilliant album.”
Everblack Media Australia

“This album delivers the ‘Prince Of Darkness’ back to his throne.”
HiFi Way Australia

“This album is 61 minutes of pure Ozzy bloody Osbourne, long time fans have got so much familiarity to enjoy, new fans have got a smorgasbord of killer intros to just what makes the Prince of Darkness such a God amongst men.”
Hear2Zen Australia

“Headline: Ozzy still got it. There is only one prince of darkness, and he is immortal…The world’s strongest metal-voice is back with his 13th solo album…The album is one of the most heartfelt albums the metal legend has ever put out…The legend Ozzy Osbourne does not need to prove his rightful place anymore.”
Stavanger Aftenblad Norway

“Headline: Ozzy Osbourne tricks death! Ozzy doesn’t do rock’n’roll halfway…Well done and balanced album…Ozzy shows that he still is has a God given ability to make easy but efficient melodies.”
Dagbladet Norway

“No enigma in the music world is bigger than John Michael “Ozzy” Osbourne…This album comes in to take my personal number #1 Ozzy solo-album of all time…There is something a little scary to listen to new albums by the best from the past, but it’s such a relief that after playing this album once that I’m looking forward to playing it again, and that is not a given for any recording artist out there.”
Norway Rock Magazine

“Ozzy Osbourne gathers some of the best musicians of the rock planet on a hard-rocking, but also very melodic album. Another milestone in his discography!”
CLASSIC ROCK Magazine Germany

“Ozzy‘s new album fulfills the high expectations. A masterpiece!”
BREAK OUT Magazine Germany

“There hasn‘t been a stronger Ozzy Osbourne album since OZZMOSIS. PATIENT NUMBER 9 manages to impress with an armada of great musicians!”
ROCKS Magazine Germany

“PATIENT NUMBER 9 is heavy, it is hard, it is historic – everything that you can expect from an Ozzy Osbourne album, and perhaps more.”
MUSIX Magazine Germany