DATE: JULY 21, 2023



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Singer songwriter BRIE is debuting a video for her new single, “The Thrill.” The video follows the late June single release and is the first track in a series of songs set for release via 12WIRED. Rendy Iskandar of Motionhouse ID provided the video concept and editing, AI artists Dwi Suharmoko and Edwo N. Rizky added their touch, while Fat Kartel handed production duties with additional creative input from BRIE, the high energy clip captures the many facets of the Indonesian R&B/pop singer/songwriter’s art alternating between live and AI footage. Watch it here and read BRIE’s thoughts on the clip below.

“When we were approached to reconstruct the music video to BRIE’s ‘The Thrill’ by implementing a different visual, I realised that it would be an exciting challenge for us to take on,” Rendy Iskandar says. “We opted to adopt a VFX approach that involved generating Stylised Artificial Intelligence, which would be applied to the music video footage. We believe that by combining video and stylised AI with BRIE as the talent in the clip, we would be able to create an impression that is free, dynamic, expressive, and imaginative, a visual representation of how the things that we see could evolve into something that is far beyond reality.”

“The Thrill” highlights Brie’s coming-of-age guilty pleasures with a sprinkle of attitude. Produced by Norwegian producer Peder Elthom-Idsøe, “The Thrill” is a bouncy, seductive R&B/pop track highlighting the underlying tension that boils beneath the allure of the forbidden fruit in one’s reckless youth. Simply put, people know they are attracted to things that would cause them more harm than good.


Q: What was the concept for “The Thrill” video?

BRIE: The video was an intriguing concept, following along with the nuance and the overall vibe of the track, it was a whimsical experience to say the least. Looking back at the final cut, I’d have to say that we ended up with a product that had a lot of imagery at play, highlighting an array of escapist tendencies that the storyline in the music represents. Much like the theme of the song, since the making of this video, I’ve come to learn a lot. Most importantly, I got to know the many different ways I’d prefer to represent both my work and my art. So, I hope everyone stays tuned for this one and many many more to come down the line.

Q: How was your experience in creating your first video?

BRIE: Given that it was my first proper music video shoot and the creative circumstances at the time, I think it was a learning experience and a necessary stepping stone in the process. I think the best way to describe it is that it’s artistically experimental; complex in the simplest ways, if anything. The finished product was both abstract and urban, classic yet modern.

What kind of creative challenges did you face in making the video?

Q: If I’m being candid, the challenges we faced handed us results that differed greatly from our initial vision. But if I remove all my personal biases and ideals, now that I’m seeing it with fresh eyes, I can still look at it and go, “Huh, maybe art’s not meant to be understood, just felt, “and this is me inviting you all to feel just as confused, frustrated, and chaotic as I did when I wrote the song and had a whirlwind of an experience, that re-introduces BRIE with me showcasing a chapter I’m glad I have now closed, ready to take the first step forward into the new.