DATE:      SEPTEMBER 18, 2020
When you cross me I remember
When you serve me I forget
They say I learned a lesson
I haven’t learned one yet
I wake up every morning
So angry and so brittle
But screw all that
It’s payback time
Ever since my Acquittal
As the U.S. election campaign picks up pace, HARRY SHEARER releases the eighth song in his Donald Trump series. “ACQUITTAL” is the latest addition to the track-a-week cycle, in which “The Simpsons and “Spinal Tap star transforms the ups and downs of the current presidency into musical form.
ACQUITTAL” is a song of bitterness and vengeance, which has SHEARER as Trump wielding the knife as he conducts a purge against both those who testified against him and even some who supported him. In this ‘prog rock revenge anthem,’ the president basks in the sheer vitriolic joy on offer when it’s time to settle scores.
As SHEARER says: “When you’re impeached, and survive, the natural human impulse is balls-out revenge.”
ACQUITTAL” features Shearer on lead vocals as Trump, with backing by Sharlotte Gibson and CJ Vanston, Marc Bonilla on guitar, Toss Panos on drums and CJ Vanston on all other instruments. The track is released by Twanky Records.
ACQUITTAL” follows the old school R&B anthem to Jared Kushner SON IN LAW” (with groundbreaking motion capture video), the disco/plaintive folk number celebrating Trump’s consistent inconsistency in his approach to the pandemic “COVID-180,” “VERY STABLE GENIUS,” a low-power power-ballad, in which the leader of the free world vaunts his self-proclaimed intellectual prowess combined with his calm and balanced disposition, “STORMY DANIELS, a romantic ballad of passion, power and pay off, ALABAMA,a southern rock style tribute to the state that holds such a special place in the Trump ‘heart,’ “NUMBER ONE SON,” Donald Sr’s “electric chop suey” paean to his eldest child Donald Jr and INEVER KNEW HIM,“an eclectic musical mix that demonstrates that the president might not have “one of the greatest memories of all time” as he purges his contact book and airbrushes his history of those who may be an impediment to his ratings.
HARRY SHEARER has vocally portrayed every U.S. president of his lifetime. Donald Trump is the third he has portrayed physically, having previously played Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan on screen.
Harry Shearer says of the series of Trump themed song series:
“My Donald Trump is almost as eager for continued public attention as the ‘real’ Trump.”
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