DT: AUGUST 27, 2019
[The Haunt] are making the most of their formative years, channeling young adult angst into ominous orchestral pop.”

      Miami New Times


“In concert, they faithfully recreate their evocative songs, with note-for-note clarity, encouraging openness to immerse your senses. Feel it with every cell in your being. Channeling the likes of Karen O, Cat Power, Shirley Manson, Amy Lee (of Evanescence), Lorde and the ghost of Nina Simone, Anastasia is an indisputable talent, her powerful voice able to command your undivided attention”
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Fronted by teen siblings Anastasia Grace (lead vocals) and Maxamillion Haunt (vocals, guitar, piano), along with Nick Lewert (drums, piano) and Nat Smallish (bass), THE HAUNT combine youthfully resonant anthems with wistful elegance and raw nerve. The quartet shared their first new music since the release of their 2018 self-titled debut EP with “Why Are You So Cold,” the leading track in a trilogy of conceptually driven singles.
The music video, as seen below, premiered on Obsessxns last week, and invites audiences to take an introspective look at how apathetic our society has become as ANASTASIA strikingly chants, “Why are you so cold? Why are we so cold? Why am I so…”
“‘Why Are You So Cold’ acts as an open letter to the universe from an outsider’s perspective mourning and questioning the loss of empathy, compassion and humanity that it had once embraced,” the band shares. “With social media consuming our livelihood, society has switched gears to instead celebrate instant gratification, notoriety and self-obsession. The song is a plea for humanity to remember how to feel again.”


The Haunt


Stream and/or download “Why Are You So Cold” now at https://onerpm.lnk.to/WRYSC.
Based out of South Florida, THE HAUNT was hailed early on as the ‘Best Unknown Band‘ by Miami New Times and shortly after releasing their debut EP, embarked on their first-ever tour, both of the United States and UK/Europe, as direct support for fashion-rock outfit Palaye Royale. Critics across the globe were soon to catch on with UK’s Rock Sound naming them a ‘Breakthrough Artist’ and summarizing their performance as “indifferent to prevailing trends” while Kerrang! praised the group’s “gothic edge” with “flashes of punk vibrancy and riot grrrl attitude.”

ANASTASIA doesn’t just “relate” to the teenagers that make up THE HAUNT‘s fervent fanbase; at just 16 years old she quite literally is one of them.Having started singing and performing at 9 years old, ANASTASIA wrote her first song at age 12 with the band’s popular debut music video/single targeted towards anti-bullying, “All Went Black,” which garnered over 1 million streams combined.
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