If I didn’t already live in Las Vegas, I’d move here for The Golden Tiki alone. Arguably the best bar on planet Earth, it’s a dazzling multi-colored tropical kitsch paradise shot through with owner Branden Powers’ punk rock sensibility, right down to its priceless display of shrunken heads of geniuses like Charles Bukowski, John Waters, Divine + more. And then you have the smart + fun DJ Professor Rex Dart who masterfully hopscotches across multiple genres + eras while giving you a valuable musical lesson. Rana Bendixen and I got to experience all this last night with visiting New York journalist Darren Paltrowitz, whom I met for the very first time after many years of working with him, and his beautiful wife Melissa Paltrowitz. We slid into the Tiki (in Chinatown) for three hours of tropical drinks + laughs after dinner down the street at Xiao Long Dumplings, whose melt-in-your-mouth soup dumplings are a beautiful thing.  A perfect night out in Vegas!