Last night was a perfect one to see comedian + actor Eddie Griffin; it  marked the birthday of his hero—Richard Pryor—which he noted from the outset. As part of his ongoing residency at the newly remodeled + atmospherically hip Sahara Las Vegas, Griffin dug his heels deep into racial injustice, vaccination mistrust, religious hypocrisy + more (he grew up unhappily as a Jehovah’s Witness). With drink in hand, Griffin remains freewheeling, outrageously funny + enlightening. He can make some folks feel uncomfortable, but I think they’re better for it. We started the evening by admiring the vintage Sahara hotel photos in the lobby before segueing into the excellent + stylish Uno Mas Tacos. Really nice to see a taco with Impossible meat on the menu. Extra points for that, not to mention their beaded lighting fixtures. ?