DATE:         JUNE 16, 2020
“Don’t Go Back To Normal, But Do Adapt A “New Normal”
By Professor Dr. Ernst von Schwarz
With the majority of states re-opening in the U.S., PROFESSOR DR. ERNST VON SCHWARZ–one of the most published and recognized cardiologists in the world and director of the Southern California Hospital Heart Institute, Los Angeles, CA–is offering some tips on how to remain healthy in the new normal.
**Please feel free to print this in its entirety, or any portion of it, attributing it to Dr. von Schwarz. He is also available for interviews including TV appearances.
It appears that the expected second wave of COVID-19 infections is already here.
As a result of the recent gatherings as well as less stringent behavioral patterns of many by not adhering to distancing recommendations, we likely will see more transmissions from healthy people who might remain completely asymptomatic.
Obviously, the virus is not going away, and we might have to deal with Coronavirus infections for a prolonged period of time.
As a healthcare provider, I have the following suggestions:
  1. Continue to stay within your own community “bubbles,” which means to stay within your close family members or groups. Remind each member of each particular bubble to get COVID-19 testing, ideally on a regular basis and possibly repeatedly over time, so that anyone who tests positive should either be separated within the bubbles or asked to stay out and to avoid close contact with the elderly and those with underlying pulmonary and cardiac diseases.
  3. Continue to avoid exposure to large crowds. The soccer stadiums in Italy represented a Petri dish for the transmission of the virus and the attendance of mass events should be strongly discouraged at the current time.
  5. Evaluate the daily news–it’s critical. Several statements that have been made in the past were retracted days later. As an example, the hype about a registry demonstrating a very high death rate of patients receiving Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 published in “The Lancet” within the last month was also retracted by the authors since they were unable to verify their own data. Still, Hydroxychloroquine remains controversial and should not be used at this time, in my opinion, as a treatment or prevention for COVID-19 until further validated data are available.
  7.  Continue adhering to precautionary measures such as using personal protection devices, masks, gloves and eye shields as well as the use of frequent handwashing with soap and the use of hand sanitizers.
  9. Continue healthy habits of exercising at a distance to others, i. e. at least 5 feet away from each other in a gym or an outside environment.  And continue to observe healthy food habits by using a balanced diet and avoiding toxic substances.
  11. Adopt a “new normal” to protect yourself and your loved ones rather than going back to the behaviors of the pre-pandemic era.
  13. Keep personal meetings short in time.
  15. Use masks in gyms and restaurants except when working out at a high pace or when eating or drinking.
  17. Encourage others to adhere to distance measures.
  19. Consider your safety and the safety of your bubble members over social interests.
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