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IVORY BLUE today (Oct 26) excitingly come forward with their new single and video “Starlit Love Child” via Dark Spark Music (owned and operated by veteran rock manager Vicky Hamilton). Written by the Kansas City, MO singer, songwriter and guitarist, the song is a passionate fusion of full-bodied rock and alluring pop hooks, with a potent and socially relevant chorus about personal freedom: “This is your choice/Be alive be a warrior/This is your voice/Be defined be a noisemaker.” Watch the video here.

The multi-instrumentalist confessed vagabond’s “Starlit Love Child” will officially be released this Friday, October 28 to all streaming platforms and will appear on their upcoming album out in 2023 (exact release date, TBA). The video, directed Ridge Beck of Ridge Films, was premiered yesterday (Oct 25) by Vents Magazine.

Says IVORY BLUE: “I just want people to leave the video with an understanding of the forces that govern our lives. I wanted the idea to come across that the character uses magic and similar divining methods to find answers in their own personal way. The song has vibes that coincide with the Halloween season.” See a Q&A below with IVORY BLUE about the track and video.

The 1st place winner of Next2Rock 2017 (a nationwide talent search with over 1800 artists/bands who applied to find fresh and promising rock artists) and artist dedicated to breaking down barriers and defying staid conventions was inspired to write “Starlit Love Child” based on a friend’s use of ubiquitous divining methods such as Ouija boards, crystal balls, tarot cards and the persistence to find answers for things gone wrong while using any means necessary to discover new truths that are out in this world to better their life.

IVORY BLUE started writing music at a very young age, creating their unique alt-rock sound, using a tape recorder to superimpose sounds that added to a song production. After starting performances in coffee shops and small venues, they immediately captured the hearts of young and old with ingeniously composed songs and powerful lyrics and began refining their performance style, using digital looping pedals to stack harmonies and guitar parts live on stage, giving their solo shows the feel of a full band. In 2011, IVORY BLUE settled in Kansas City, MO and quickly began attracting an intense regional following for their strong vocals and incisive, deeply personal lyrics. On July 29th, 2022, and after studying the craft of recording and self- producing, this amazing singer-songwriter with a passionate love for everyone struggling through life released their first full length album Compound Love following with their single “Red Light” and now “Starlit Love Child.”


Congratulations on “Starlit Love Child.” Musically, it comes on so strong with its signature riff–the same way classic rock songs like Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel” and T. Rex’s “20th Century Boy” hit hard. And then there’s the super melodic modern pop feel. Can you talk about the song–its sound, the arrangement, and the experience of recording it?

IVORY BLUE: The song is a walk through life. It’s about all the experiences we face along the way while asking the ultimate question, “what does all of this really mean?” I wanted an anthem of sorts where the person in the song is looking for those answers while also going through the typical “walks of life.”

The arrangement is just straight rock guitars with a pop vibe and melodic vocal. I wanted synthesizers in it as well to cut through the “noise” of all the distortion but ended up distorting the synth as well. It just sounded good in my opinion and gave it that edge I was looking for.

The general idea formed pretty quickly. I just had a melody and sang it in Cubase and the rest kind of came together pretty naturally. It didn’t take any time at all to create the whole vibe of the song and find its hook. It took a few days to record the final parts but that’s because I always block out my vocals for one day and guitar for another day.

I always write out the drums with samples and midi to get the idea across that I want for the song. I emailed Lester Estelle (drummer for Kelly Clarkson) and he puts his spin on it and makes it so much better. He does this from his own studio and I always love what he comes up with.

I then have a bassist (Craig Kew) come in and play the bass part that I write for the demo with my Explorer bass. He makes the part better and uses his fingers, while I generally use a pick. It gives the part a real feel and is perfect for the song. I love working with him too.

The song has many standout lyrics, particularly these: “This is your choice/Be alive be a warrior/This is your voice/Be defined be a noisemaker.” It sounds like you’re singing about your own life and also offering a message of positive resistance and hope for others who feel like outcasts. What was your mindset when you wrote it? And what was it like to step into the vocal booth and deliver your performance? 

IVORY BLUE: The song is an anthem of sorts. I wanted to show someone going through life. I used ideas that make someone a good person such as standing up for what you believe in and being loud and outspoken about your passions. The vibe of the song is to take those ideas and then have the person in the song look for answers (in this case using divining methods) and find the answer they are searching for in whatever way they can.

In the studio I really just wanted to channel the passion I had for music and use it to make this song’s performance the best it could be. I just heard the lyrics in my head and delivered them the best I could.

How do you think living in Kansas City, MO affects your outlook on the world? 

IVORY BLUE: Being in KC has been a turning point for my life. I started in Washington, Indiana where there is no music scene, or at least there wasn’t when I was there over ten years ago. I played a small coffee shop on Main Street.

Since moving to KC I’ve experienced lots of things. One of them being that there is a possibility that my music can reach more people. Also, I see the possibility of growing as an artist ’cause my team and I are always pushing me to be better, to climb to the highest level I can.

With that said I feel that being in a much bigger city would reach my audience in a more organic way. Hopefully I can achieve that goal.

What is the general theme for the video?  What would you like people to take away from it? 

IVORY BLUE: I just want people to leave the video with an understanding of the forces that govern our lives. I wanted the idea to come across that the character uses magic and similar divining methods to find answers in their own personal way.

The song has vibes that coincide with the Halloween season so we felt outside shots of me in dark clothing would work best with it. The pieces that have me in them, my manager Klaartje Van Lue took on her property around her home. We live out in the country and have some wooded areas that really bring the right vibe to the video clips.  Everything that we didn’t film, Ridge Beck (the video director) added..

Do you have an album planned for 2023 and might there be live shows to support it?

IVORY BLUE: Yes, there will be an album for 2023 with a tour following the release of it.

Live shows will always happen. I love the energy of a live audience and feel so good when I play in front of a live crowd. I’m always looking to try new things as well so be on the lookout for unique things in the future of IVORY BLUE.

Photo credit: Andrew Van Lue

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