DATE: OCTOBER 21, 2020


AleXa, the daughter of a Korean adoptee and raised as a small-town girl in Oklahoma, rediscovers her Korean roots by pursuing her dream of becoming a K-Pop star.

Today (October 21), singer and dancer AleXa releases her second EP DECOHERENCE and its groundbreaking title track “Revolution.” Watch the video forRevolution here and see the DECOHERENCE track listing below.

The new EP follows AleXa’s 2019 multilingual K-Pop debut single, the explosive “Bomb”; it received over five million views in one week and hit #7 on Billboard’s “World Digital Song Sales” chart. With more than 18 million views to date, AleXa’s “Bomb” was produced by renowned Swedish composers at EKKO Music Rights, the team behind hits by K-Pop mainstays Red Velvet, Twice, NCT and more. The song and video “Bomb” combine Brazilian Funk with electronic elements and Afrobeats choreography to create an exciting dance track that allows AleXa to showcase her powerful stage presence.

Next up for AleXa was her eight-track debut Do Or Die, which was helmed by a chart-topping team at one of the largest K-Pop song production houses and speaks with AleXa’s all-or-nothing attitude. The “Do Or Die” title track is a girl power anthem about facing your fears and [the ability to] overcome them,” says Moonshine, comprised of songwriters Ellen Berg Tollbom and Cazzi Opeia. “When you feel like you have no choice left but to fight for your life, you’re only in it to win it.” The music video for the “Do Or Die title track is a grand scale production highlighted by action scenes and CGI.

With the EP’s newly released single and video, “Revolution” fans will see the finale to AleXa‘s three-part ground-breaking music video concept, an AI caught in a multiverse storyline (detailed in “Allegory of the Cave,” a hidden track on the physical copy of the new EP) which began with “Bomb,” was followed by “Do Or Die” and concludes with “Revolution.”

“Revolution” is a continuation of the storyline from “Do or Die” and concludes AleXa’s origin trilogy. This epic multi-genre song consists of Hip Hop, Latin and Symphonic moments to highlight the battle between AleXa and ZB Corporation. AleXa finds herself suspended in a dark liquid tank with sensors attached to her neck and arms at the ZB Corp headquarters. AleXa’s body is numb but her mind is conscious, processing all her past memories of her previous simulations. Suddenly, she awakens and breaks through to the surface. AleXa knows her mission is not complete. AleXa will do more than escape–she will lead an uprising.

On the DECOHERENCE EP, AleXa joined forces with world-famous composers who have created chart-topping songs for acts such as BTS and Red Velvet and producer Hwang Sungjin of RBW, label of Mamamoo and Oneus, who has contributed lyrics to continue to evolve her sound and grow her artistry.

AleXa will follow the EP’s release with promotional activities while planning her next moves.


About AleXa:

AleXa grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma. A lifelong dancer–having taken ballet, jazz, modern, hip-hop, lyrical and tap lessons when she was just 18 months old–AleXa was first drawn to K-Pop because of its strong performance identity.

AleXa’s professional career kicked off in 2016 when she was chosen out of 5,000 contestants as the next “Rising Legends: Season 2” winner, a title she earned after nearly one million fans determined the winner. Winning the top prize in the show in 2017 gave AleXa the opportunity to travel to Seoul, South Korea, to record her own song and film and a music video. She went on to star in “LEGENDARY: Making of a K-Pop Star,” a 2017 Viki Original series that followed her trip to Seoul to experience the K-Pop star treatment for the first time. AleXa went on to sign with Korean artist agency ZB Label in 2017. Once in Korea, AleXa beat out thousands of contestant hopefuls, and passed all three rounds of auditions for the third season of Mnet’s “PRODUCE” series, where the competition was especially fierce, given the explosive popularity of the franchise and the participation of popular Japanese artists. Sadly, her journey on the show came to an end during episode five, but AleXa had won the hearts of both Korean and Japanese fans alike.

AleXa’s debut blurs the line between reality and fiction–besides the creation of the artist itself, the debut of AleXa marks the birth of a new character. AleXa, created in a multiverse with every rendition of herself showing a different variation of the same existence, will show a range of themes and concepts through a large amount of content. AleXa can appear as everything, from the singer that we’ve already met, to a video game character, an animation, a reality show star, the girl next door or even the camera that is her namesake.

The DECOHERENCE track listing is as follows:

1. Villain

Lyrics: AleXa, Hwang Sungjin, Park Danbi
Composer: 8PEX (Isaac Han, Okiro, Aaron Kim), Megan Lee
Arrangement: 8PEX (Isaac Han, Okiro, Aaron Kim), Megan Lee

“Villain” combines urban, trap and EDM elements to create a unique, dynamic sound that differs from former tracks, putting even more focus on AleXa’s overflowing energy and powerful performance.

02. Burn Out

Lyrics: Hwang Sungjin (RBW), Moon Sully
Composer: Mingki (RBW), Jin Minho (RBW)
Arrangement: Mingki (RBW), Jin Minho (RBW)

With its straightforward lyrics and addictive hook “Burn Out” is a song about love that highlights AleXa’s powerful vocals.

03. Revolution

Lyricist: Hwang Sungjin (RBW), Kang Sangyeon, Jeon Sehee, AleXa
Composer: Greg Bonnick, Hayden Chapman, Anne Judith Stokke Wik, Ronny Svendsen, Nermin Harambasic (Dsign Music)
Arrangement: Greg Bonnick, Hayden Chapman, Anne Judith Stokke Wik, Ronny Svendsen, Nermin Harambasic (Dsign Music)

“Revolution” is the title track of AleXa’s 2nd EP DECOHERENCE.

The track features hip hop, Latin and symphonic elements and allows AleXa to show the unrivaled power of her performance. She also took part in writing the lyrics to satisfy her fans’ expectations. “Revolution” was created by a world-famous team of composers, who have written billboard charts sweeping songs for artists such as BTS and Red Velvet. Here they have come together to create a song tailored to AleXa.

04. Moon and Back

Lyrics: AleXa, Hwang Sungjin (RBW), Jeon Sehee
Composer: Davve (RBW), Jeong Hongrim

AleXa personally took part in writing the lyrics for “Moon and Back,” a song dedicated to her fans who have shown her unchanging love. The song was created using AleXa’s way of saying goodbye to her fans, ‘love to the moon and back.’

05. Revolution (English Version)

Lyrics: Anne Judith Stokke Wik, Ronny Svendsen, Nermin Harambasic (Dsign Music)
Composer: Greg Bonnick, Hayden Chapman, Anne Judith Stokke Wik, Ronny Svendsen, Nermin Harambasic (Dsign Music)
Arrangement: Greg Bonnick, Hayden Chapman, Anne Judith Stokke Wik, Ronny Svendsen, Nermin Harambasic (Dsign Music)

The English version of the title track of AleXa’s 2nd EP DECOHERENCE impresses with its powerful lyrics and is a gift to her international fans.

06. Revolution (Inst.)

07. Villain (Inst.)

Special Track Only Available On Physical Album: “Allegory Of The Cave”



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