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IN HEARTS WAKE Debut “Dystopia” Music Video/Single; Announce Eco-conscious Limited-Edition Vinyl Pre-order

DT: JULY 8, 2020

Photo Credit: Sally Patti
Australian melodic metalcore outfit IN HEARTS WAKE have just released a fourth single, “Dystopia,” from their upcoming entirely carbon-offset album KALIYUGA, due out August 7 via UNFD. “Dystopia“–as seen below– takes a new musical approach for the band, with compelling drive, progression and layered melodic intricacy. The track, like the album, is inspired by the ‘Four Ages of Humanity.’
“‘Dystopia’ speaks of the fourth cycle and present age of the world known in Hinduism as ‘Kaliyuga,'” explains vocalist JAKE TAYLOR. “‘Kaliyuga’ is often referred to as the dark age due to the predominate traits of discord, disconnection, destruction, materialism, oppression, cruelty and fear. We look for the cause to cast the blame, but humanity need only look at itself in the mirror. It is time for us to face and overcome the issues and challenges that currently threaten all life on Earth.” 
Dystopia” offers a way forward by encouraging listeners to question and see through the deadening status quo while providing inspiration to believe that our capability to grow and change the way we live on earth and with each other is limitless. The video for “Dystopia” takes the viewer through the different age cycles and acknowledges the challenges before us. Watch it below or HERE.

KALIYUGA is a ruthless scrutiny of self and the social and eco injustices and abuse at play today. The power and purpose of the record is evident in every facet of its making. IN HEARTS WAKE measured each power socket, light bulb, pound of freight, travel and food consumed during the recording process to find the total carbon footprint came to 26.37 tonnes of CO2e. This has been entirely offset through the purchase of carbon credits in the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor of Western Australia. The album will also be packaged and manufactured plastic free, using recycled materials.
Vinyl copies of the album have been pressed on calcium based eco-plastic with recycled and eco-friendly packaging, coming in four different variants (molten, ash, flame and ignite). Having sold through most vinyl options globally within hours, today the band release a fifth ‘smoke’ variation. This white ‘smoke’ variant was set aside for an exclusive tour release but due to COVID-19 halting all tour plans for now, it has been made available. These are high demand products and will sell through quickly. Pre-order via the UNFD store here.
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TOMMY EMMANUEL To Host Two Live Stream Events With Portion Of Proceeds Benefiting Two Indie Venues: Birchmere In VA (August15) And Coach House In CA (August 29)


DT:     JULY 7, 2020
          SRO PR (NASHVILLE)


Photo Credit: Alysse Gafkjen


This August, TOMMY EMMANUEL, the acclaimed and Grammy-nominated acoustic guitarist, singer and songwriter, will host two live stream events with a portion of the proceeds benefiting two prominent independent venues in America. “Without some support, we are in danger of losing some of the independent venues that are a part of our culture and our local communities,” says TOMMY.
The first event, Saturday, August 15 at 8:00 PM ET/5:00 PM PT, will benefit The Birchmere in Alexandria, VA, with Rob Ickes & Trey Hensley supporting. The second event, Saturday, August 29, at 9:00 PM ET/6:00 PM PT, will benefit The Coach House in San Juan Capistrano, CA, with Andy McKee supporting. The Coach House is notably where Chet Atkins, legendary music icon and TOMMY’s idol, performed many times. TOMMY is one of five artists ever named a Certified Guitar Player by Atkins. Tickets are on sale now ($15 advance/$20 day of show):
For both events, TOMMY will be performing live from Tunesmith Studio outside of Nashville. See the quotes below from TOMMYMichael Jaworek of The BirchmereGary Folgner of The Coach House and TOMMY‘s agent, Brian Jonas with High Road Touring, who booked both events.
TOMMY EMMANUEL: “Without some support, we are in danger of losing some of the independent venues that are a part of our culture and our local communities. Most people don’t realize how many people the touring industry supports. It’s so much more than an artist onstage. In the venues alone, there are stagehands, security guards, concession staff, box office staff, ushers, runners, medical staff, merchandise sellers, custodial staff, and much more. There’s also the artist’s agent, manager, and crew who are not really seeing much income right now either. When this pandemic started, music venues were one of the first to close, and they will most likely be one of the last to reopen. When we do get back to touring, I want to make sure some of these places are still around for me to play, so I’ve tried to figure out a way to help these independent venues, especially the ones that have supported me throughout the years. We also wanted to create some sort of normality to the industry right now. That’s why we are going to have opening acts on these live streams and that I’m going to pay my team just like any other show. It takes a team to make it all happen, and it’s going to take a whole lot of teamwork and community support to get through this pandemic. I hope other artists can help whoever needs it in their own respective communities.”
Michael Jaworek of The Birchmere: “The Birchmere is honored to be the first venue to have Tommy Emmanuel do a streaming concert for us. Tommy has been one of our favorite and most valued artists to perform at the club in its 54-year existence. Tommy’s musical prowess as performer and composer is only exceeded by his kind and generous spirit. He brings that to our stage and audiences, every time he is here. Though we may not be together in body for this special show, we are certainly together again in spirit; now and for the future.”
Gary Folgner (founder and owner for past 40 years) of The Coach House: “We love having Tommy Emmanuel at The Coach House. Until the next time that will be, we are excited to announce he is performing from home to fans everywhere. In these unprecedented times it’s comforting to have a friend like Tommy who’s using his time and talent to help support our venue.”
Brian Jonas with High Road Touring: “Tommy Emmanuel is the epitome of the working musician. He has built an incredible touring career by not only creating lasting relationships with his fans but also all the promoters and venues who have supported him over the years. Tommy is always thinking big picture. It comes as no surprise to me that he understands and values the role that independent venues play in the live music ecosystem and how important they are not only to his own touring career but to the communities they exist in as a whole.”
TOMMY EMMANUEL has achieved enough musical milestones to satisfy several lifetimes. At the age of six, he was touring regional Australia with his family band. By 30, he was a rock n’ roll lead guitarist burning up stadiums in Europe. At 44, he became one of five people ever named a Certified Guitar Player by his idol, music icon Chet Atkins. Today, he plays hundreds of sold-out shows every year from Nashville to Sydney to London. He’s piled up numerous accolades, including two Grammy Award nominationstwo ARIA Awards from the Australian Recording Industry Association (the Aussie equivalent of the Recording Academy); repeated honors in the Guitar Player magazine reader’s poll including a cover story for their August 2017 issue; a cover feature for Vintage Guitar‘s July 2020 issue; and was Music Radar‘s reader’s poll #1 winner of the Ten Best Acoustic Guitarists in The World (December 2019). A noted fingerstyle guitarist, EMMANUEL frequently threads three different parts simultaneously into his material, operating as a one-man band who handles the melody, the supporting chords and the bass all at once. His talents, which translate in any language, carry him to the far corners of the globe, but EMMANUEL never plays the same show twice, and he improvises big chunks of every date. That leaves him open to those technical imperfections, though they also provide some of the humanity to an other-worldly talent. On May 8, 2020, he released a newly recorded career-spanning double album, THE BEST OF TOMMYSONGS, via CGP Sounds/Cruzen Street Records). Watch the album trailer here which focuses on TOMMY‘s unique ability to tell stories without words:
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SONS OF SILVER ‘Doomsday Noises’ EP Out Today

DT:   JUNE 26,2020


With their DOOMSDAY NOISES EP out today (Friday, June 26), vocalist Peter Argyropoulos of Los Angeles alternative rock group SONS OF SILVER breaks down the EP’s tracks below.
DOOMSDAY NOISES has been previewed by two powerful singles and videos: World On Fire” and Read ‘Em Their Rights,” the latter of which has garnered nearly a million views so far. Listen to the album here.
The group’s collaborative songwriting style, signature sound and collective years of experience is what make SONS OF SILVER such a standout phenom in the alt rock scene. In addition to Argyropoulos, original Pearl Jam drummer Dave Krusen (who was recently inducted into the Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame) and Candlebox bassist Adam Kury provide the backbeat while former Skillet guitarist Kevin Haaland and keyboardist and esteemed engineer Brina Kabler round out the band’s signature sound. Logging nearly 80 shows per year, the musicians collaborated more than ever back in the studio. On DOOMSDAY NOISES, songs spun off from jam sessions as a unit and the writing process relied on their musical interplay.
The DOOMSDAY NOISES track listing is as follows:
“Rude Awakenings”
“Deep Division”
“Read ‘Em Their Rights”
“World On Fire”
with Peter Argyropoulos
“World On Fire”
Argyropoulos: “It’s a brazen commentary on today’s heated and embattled culture. It was inspired by current events and attitudes. I’m a politics and history junkie. I’m also a bit of a contrarian. Put those interests and traits together with today’s current events and, well, it’s hard not to feel inspired.”
“Rude Awakenings”
Argyropoulos: “I was stockpiling song ideas when I came up with the basic ideas for ‘Rude Awakenings.’ I wasn’t looking to finish anything. In fact, I was only looking for incomplete ideas that we would finish together. But then the basic foundation for ‘Rude Awakenings’ just came out. I played it for Brina along with a few other ideas the next day. She was really into it. But, I back-burner’ed it. I was unsure if it fit with the other songs we were in the middle of. Nonetheless, she persisted and won out. When the guys heard it, they said, ‘why didn’t we hear this sooner?’ I think it took us about twenty minutes to put it all together and take it to a completely different level than I’d originally expected it could be at. It really highlights each of our influences from the rockabilly rhythm section to the punk-bluesy guitars, to the Stonesy woo-hoos. A great team effort. Credit Brina especially for not letting the song slip through the cracks.”
Argyropoulos: “As with most of our songs, ‘Outbreak’ came from a writing-jam session. We were working on another idea and during a pause, Dave and I started playing the intro riff out of nowhere. Adam and Kevin jumped in and we were on our way. We hit a bit of a wall after awhile and couldn’t come up with a chorus. I remember trying a variety of things. We left it for the day with a U2-ish idea. But it wasn’t anything special. Still, we knew there was something there with the intro and verse groove and melody ideas. When we revisited the ideas a few days later, we were still unsure of how to move forward until Adam came up with the breakthrough idea for the chorus. Everything fell into place at that moment. I started singing ‘outbreak in a foreign land,’ etc. Kevin started playing his rock riff in the choruses and Dave had his Blondie (the band, not the airhead) moment with the 7/4 meter in the choruses. Once we had the main pieces in place, we played it over and over to refine our parts while I hunted for more melody and lyric ideas. Funny thing is, we settled on the changing melody phrasing in the verses because we liked all of them. In fact, I started following Kevin’s guitar part in the third verse because I thought it was better than what I was singing. One last thing I want to stress because of the sensitive subject, this song and these lyrics were written and recorded in October of 2019, a few months before the Covid 19 outbreak.”
“Deep Division”
Argyropoulos: “Another one of our songs that started from a writing-jam session. Out of nowhere, Dave’s playing his groove and I’m playing my static guitar part on top. Adam and Kevin give us the look of, ‘what’s this?’ We give them the look of, ‘we don’t know but don’t make us stop.’ In a matter of minutes, Adam’s got his sexy bass going and Kevin’s got his ‘Americanospehere’ (a combination of Americana and atmosphere) guitar going. We held that groove and chord for so long that any change would feel good. It’s the ‘James Brown Effect,’ hold tension for as long as you can on one chord and groove so that once you finally make a move, it’s like ‘hallelujah.’ Fortunately, the change we made was a good choice and the chorus was a keeper. As with the other songs, many of the key lyrics, including ‘deep division’ came all in these first moments of inspiration and work.”
“Read ‘Em Their Rights”
Argyropoulos: “I hope when people listen to the song it will motivate them to get off their high horse and stop with the finger pointing and name calling. It’s not just about our leaders, it’s about all of us. Rise above the heat of the moment and hold yourself accountable. We can’t give away authority to the authorities and expect to get very good results.”
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TASH SULTANA Releases Brand New Song “Greed” Today

DATE:        JUNE 26, 2020
Multi-instrumentalist and global sensation TASH SULTANAhas released her brand new song “Greed,” out today (June 26) on Mom + Pop Music.   This is the second song released by TASH that will be on the follow-up album to last year’s FLOW STATE, set for release later this year. “Greed” was produced by TASH SULTANA and co-written by TASH, Matt Corby and Dann Hume in TASH’s studio in Melbourne. The video for Greed” will follow next month.
“This song is about how people change around you when you achieve some sort of success,” TASH explains “People you’ve never had anything to do with try and climb into your life somehow, people you’ve known for ages suddenly go silent. People who never paid you for a gig suddenly want to book you. That person from high school that gave you shit for playing the guitar suddenly wants on the guest list. It’s a funny little thing all of this and what it does to people.”
Earlier this year, TASH released the first track and video “Pretty Ladyfrom her forthcoming album. The video featured members of the Teskey Brothers, Pierce Brothers and Baker Boy, professional dancers Emily Havae, Melissa Pham, Justin Anderson, Ash McKenzie & Matt Holly and Thalia Heffernan & Ryan McShane, Anna Seymour performing Auslan, as well as some of TASH’s friends, family, fans and of course, everyone’s favorite animal–doggos!
2019 was a year that saw TASH flourish both through live shows and releases–breaking attendance records in venues around the world, selling out the iconic Red Rocks in Colorado, plus the massive sold-outAustralia headline tour with over 70,000 tickets in that the country, while JUNGLEwas ARIA accredited 2x Platinum, Notion was ARIA accredited Platinum, and “Mystik,” “Murder to the Mind” and the NOTION EP were all ARIA accredited Gold. In streaming, TASH’s releases are currently sitting at over 1 billion total streams–an incredible feat for an artist that only released her debut album two years ago.
About TASH:
TASH SULTANA is an explosive live artist who has commanded global attention since homemade videos went viral. Tash was soon selling out major arenas globally and playing at the world’s biggest festivals – no mean feat for an artist who just a year before was recording songs on a go pro in a bedroom.
Since Tash’s grandfather gifted a guitar at the age of three, the self-taught artist quickly developed a unique style that has seen Tash breaking record attendances around the globe. Tash has mastered over 12 instruments, has a vocal that shines with a magical quality and a live show that needs to be seen to be believed.
The one-person powerhouse started out playing open mic nights on a fake id and busking on the streets of Melbourne, Australia. Recent accolades include over 1 Billion combined streams, an ARIA award for Blues and Roots Album of The Year with ‘Flow State’, smash single ‘Jungle’ coming in at #3 in triple j’s Hottest 100, achieving platinum sales for the Notion EP, double platinum sales for ‘Jungle’ and platinum sales for ‘Notion’ along with numerous gold certified singles. Tash’s live show has seen her become the only artist to sell out 3 Brixton Academy shows before their debut album along with selling another 500,000 tickets worldwide which recently culminated in a sold out performance at the iconic Red Rocks Amphitheatre, with noted stand out sets at Coachella & Lollapalooza.

New Unreleased 70-Song Collection, ‘The Mothers 1970’ Out Today, Ahmet Zappa And Vaultmeister Joe Travers To Host Virtual Listening Party At 12:00 PM (PT)/3:00 PM (ET)

DATE:       JUNE 26, 2020
TODAY AT 12:00 PM (PT)/3:00 PM (ET)
Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Frank Zappa‘s heralded but short-lived 1970 Mothers Of Invention lineup, The Mothers 1970, a new 4CD and digital collection of 70 unreleased live and studio recordings, is now available via Zappa Records/UMe. To celebrate this momentous release, co-producers Ahmet Zappa and Zappa Vaultmeister Joe Travers will host a special virtual listening party today, Friday, June 26 at 12 pm PDT/3 pm EDT, where everyone can collectively listen together to the unreleased studio recordings engineered by the then-unknown producer Roy Thomas Baker,which make up disc 1, while the hosts discuss the creation of The Mothers 1970 and the unreleased performances, tell stories about Zappa and answer questions. To join the party, head over to:
Fans can also get into the spirit and show their love for Zappa on Instagram with a new filter unveiled today that superimposes his trademark mustache and soul patch onto their face. Click here to access the filter on the official Frank Zappa Instagram and Zappa-ify yourself.
Overseen by the Zappa Trust and produced by Ahmet Zappa and Joe Travers, The Mothers 1970 collects together more than four hours of previously unreleased performances by the celebrated lineup which lasted roughly seven months: Aynsley Dunbar (drums),George Duke (piano/keys/trombone), Ian Underwood (organ/keys/guitar), Jeff Simmons (bass/vocals) and Flo & Eddie aka Howard Kaylan (vocals) and Mark Volman (vocals/percussion) of The Turtles who performed under these aliases to skirt contractual limitations of performing under their own names. This iteration of The Mothers, which likely began rehearsals fifty years ago in May 1970, came to an end in January of 1971 when Simmons quit the band during the making of the “200 Motels” movie.
The Mothers 1970 encapsulates the band’s brief but productive span, which included two visits to the studio – resulting in the fantastic 1970 album, Chunga’s Revenge – and tours across the U.S., Canada and Europe. Divided into four parts, the collection is anchored by top notch studio recordings recorded at the famed London-based Trident Studios on June 21-22 with a then-unknown producer in the engineer chair by the name of Roy Thomas Baker, several years before he’d go on to have massive success working with Queen, The Cars and Alice Cooper to name a few. An unreleased early mix by Baker of the Chunga’s Revenge track, “Sharleena,” is just one of the many highlights of the studio recordings that also boasts several unearthed rough mixes of the Zappa/Simmons co-write, “Wonderful Wino,” including a rare version that showcases vocals and an alternate guitar solo by Zappa that has been lost to the ages as the original multi-track stems were recorded over. Of the material recorded during this two-day span, “Sharleena” was the only song ever officially released – so tracks like “Red Tubular Lighter,” “Giraffe” and an unheard version of “Envelopes” are completely brand new to fans half a century later.
The band’s live prowess is represented with a slew of concert recordings, including the first official release of the oft bootlegged “Piknik” performance originally broadcast on Dutch radio station VRPO, and live performances from concerts in Santa Monica, Calif. and Spokane, Wash. which have been edited together and presented as a hybrid concert since both shows were not fully captured. The release is rounded out with a selection of live highlights recorded around the U.S., interspersed with candid moments recorded in dressing rooms, motel lobbies and the stage by Zappa who took his personal UHER recorder everywhere. All recordings comprising The Mothers 1970 were sourced from their original tapes discovered in The Vault and digitally transferred and compiled by Travers in 2020. Some tracks were mixed by longtime Zappa Trust associate Craig Parker Adams and the collection was mastered by John Polito at Audio Mechanics.
It wasn’t until 1971 when Zappa would start documenting his gigs with a ½” 4-track recorder so the 1970 tours were not captured in typical fashion. Instead Zappa recorded as much as he could using his personal UHER recorder and it is these recordings that make up the second half of The Mothers 1970. Because of the nature of the recordings it was almost virtually impossible for Zappa to record full shows due to the limitations of the tape recorder and the fact he would often times personally spool tape on the machine on stage while playing. Occasionally Zappa would have the soundman set up the recorder in the venue to tape the concert. This resulted in ambient recordings which was the case for the Santa Monica and Spokane recordings as well as the live performances that make up the final disc. Similar to the Gail Zappa-created “Road Tapes” live series, these recordings contain audience noise allowing listeners to experience what it was like to be there. The set lists focus heavily on songs from the albums Freak Out!, Absolutely Free, We’re Only In It For The Money, Uncle Meat, the then-recently released Burnt Weeny Sandwich, and early workings of songs that would eventually be released months later on Chunga’s Revenge. Some of the many highlights include the extended guitar workouts, the first version of “Easy Meat” and rare live performances of “Would You Go All The Way?” and “Road Ladies.”
Following Zappa’s especially productive year of 1969 (which saw him record and release several albums, including Uncle Meat and Hot Rats, produce Captain Beefheart’s outsider classic, Trout Mask Replica, as well as the one and only album for The GTO’s), the musician disbanded the original Mothers Of Invention and started experimenting with smaller lineups. Through a variety of circumstances and several chance encounters, Zappa began to assemble his new group of collaborators, with the only original Mother being Ian Underwood. As Travers writes in the enlightening liner notes, which also include a wealth of live and behind-the-scenes photos from this era: “It’s no secret that Frank was excited about this group. The cast of characters and their personalities, musically and personally, made for a very eventful and humorous chapter in Zappa’s career. Frank had a blast with these guys. Their sound was unique, their humor was like no other and yet their time was ultimately short lived.”
Fleeting as it may have been, this camaraderie is on full display and will now live on forever as the exciting new collection, The Mothers 1970.
Disc 1 – Trident Studios, London, England June 21-22, 1970
1. Red Tubular Lighter
2. Lola Steponsky
3. Trident Chatter
4. Sharleena (Roy Thomas Baker Mix)
5. Item 1
6. Wonderful Wino (FZ Vocal)
7. “Enormous Cadenza”
8. Envelopes
9. Red Tubular Lighter (Unedited Master)
10. Wonderful Wino (Basic Tracks, Alt. Take)
11. Giraffe – Take 4
12. Wonderful Wino (FZ Vocal, Alt. Solo)
TOTAL TIME:  63:09
Disc 2 – Live Highlights Part 1 – “Piknik” VPRO June 18, 1970 / Pepperland September 26, 1970
1. Introducing…The Mothers (Live on “Piknik” June 18, 1970)
2. Wonderful Wino (Live on “Piknik” June 18, 1970)
3. Concentration Moon (Live on “Piknik” June 18, 1970)
4. Mom & Dad (Live on “Piknik” June 18, 1970)
5. The Air (Live on “Piknik” June 18, 1970)
6. Dog Breath (Live on “Piknik” June 18, 1970)
7. Mother People (Live on “Piknik” June 18, 1970)
8. You Didn’t Try To Call Me (Live on “Piknik” June 18, 1970)
9. Agon (Live on “Piknik” June 18, 1970)
10. Call Any Vegetable (Live on “Piknik” June 18, 1970)
11. King Kong Pt. I (Live on “Piknik” June 18, 1970)
12. Igor’s Boogie (Live on “Piknik” June 18, 1970)
13. King Kong Pt. II (Live on “Piknik” June 18, 1970)
14. What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are? (Live at Pepperland September 26, 1970)
15. Bwana Dik (Live at Pepperland September 26, 1970)
16. Daddy, Daddy, Daddy (Live at Pepperland September 26, 1970)
17. Do You Like My New Car? (Live at Pepperland September 26, 1970)
18. Happy Together (Live at Pepperland September 26, 1970)
TOTAL TIME:  63:34
Disc 3 – Live Highlights Part 2 – Hybrid Concert: Santa Monica August 21, 1970 / Spokane September 17, 1970
1. “Welcome To El Monte Legion Stadium!” (Live)
2. Agon (Live)
3. Call Any Vegetable (Live)
4. Pound For A Brown (Live)
5. Sleeping In A Jar (Live)
6. Sharleena (Live)
7. The Air (Live)
8. Dog Breath (Live)
9. Mother People (Live)
10. You Didn’t Try To Call Me (Live)
11. King Kong Pt. I (Live)
12. Igor’s Boogie (Live)
13. King Kong Pt. II (Live)
14. “Eat It Yourself…” (Live)
15. Trouble Every Day (Live)
16. “A Series Of Musical Episodes” (Live)
17. Road Ladies (Live)
18. “The Holiday Inn Motel Chain” (Live)
19. What Will This Morning Bring Me This Evening? (Live)
20. What Kind Of Girl Do You Think We Are? (Live)
Disc 4 – Live Highlights Part 3 – FZ Tour Tape Recordings
1. “What’s The Deal, Dick?”
 2. Another M.O.I. Anti-Smut Loyalty Oath (Live)
3. Paladin Routine #1 (Live)
4. Portuguese Fenders (Live)
5. The Sanzini Brothers (Live)
6. Guitar Build ’70 (Live)
7. Would You Go All The Way? (Live)
8. Easy Meat (Live)
9. “Who Did It?”
10. Turn It Down! (Live)
11. A Chance Encounter In Cincinnati
12. Pound For A Brown (Live)
13. Sleeping In A Jar (Live)
14. Beloit Sword Trick (Live)
15. Kong Solos Pt. I (Live)
16. Igor’s Boogie (Live)
17. Kong Solos Pt. II (Live)
18. Gris Gris (Live)
19. Paladin Routine #2 (Live)
20. King Kong – Outro (Live)
# # #
Tim Plumley, UMe: (310) 865-7797 |
Zappa Trust
Mitch Schneider, SRO,
Marcee Rondan, SRO,



Singer-Songwriter DYLAN HARTIGAN Reveals Beatles-inspired single “Not I”; Continues On Innovative Drive-In Movie/Concert Tour


DT: JUNE 26, 2020
Photo Credit: Ford Fairchild


Soulful indie folk/Americana singer-songwriter DYLAN HARTIGAN today (June 26) has released the single “Not I” that “will remind you of psychedelic Beatles era” according to Americana Highways which hosted an exclusive premiere of the track yesterday (June 25). The introspective track, which can be heard below, is DYLAN‘s personal interpretation of religion and what happens to oneself in the afterlife.


DYLAN elaborates, “The meaning behind ‘Not I’ is a religious one. It was conceived in a deep spiritual moment and it was one of those third eye opening moments.   I grew up believing in Catholicism and though I grew to believe in other things, I think all religions are beautiful because anything that can provide more of a meaning to your existence is A-OK in my book. My personal religion is reflected in this song by my belief that all my growth that takes place in this world will transcend into the next. That my soul will escape whatever it is I would call my ‘body’ and ever expand. Allowing me to become one with the infinity that is the universe.”
Listen to a stream of “Not I” at:
Not I” was recorded by Grammy-nominated producer Bobby Holland (ZZ Ward, Kesha, Drake White) in Nashville alongside co-producer and rock n soul artist Maggie Rose. The track will be featured on DYLAN‘s upcoming yet-to-be-titled debut album due this fall alongside two previously released singles: “My Island” and “What’s In The Cards.”


“The production of ‘Not I’ came from a Beatles vibe,” shares DYLAN. “I wanted the verses to sound underwater and the choruses to be in the sky. I think the band and producer made that happen.”


DYLAN is currently on an innovative tour performing acoustically as the opening act for a stretch of pop-up drive-in movie nights put on by the transportation app, BOXCAR, across his hometown, New Jersey. Watch a drone-shot trailer from one of the recent nights streaming below. For further details and tickets, please visit



DYLAN has previously toured across the country on intimate shows hosted by Sofar Sounds and performed onstage with Kelly Clarkson following his appearance on Season 14 of NBC’s “The Voice” reality singing competition.

June 30 – Metuchen, NJ*
July 1 – Bernardsville, NJ*
July 7 – East Hanover, NJ
July 8 – Springfield, NJ
July 14 – East Hanover, NJ
July 22 – Berkeley Heights, NJ
July 23 – Springfield, NJ
July 25-27 – Westwood, NJ
July 29 – TBD
Aug 5 – Berkeley Heights, NJ
Aug 6 – Boonton Township, NJ
Aug 13 – Springfield, NJ
Aug 18 – Berkeley Heights, NJ
*newly added date


For more information on DYLAN HARTIGAN, please visit:
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ODDITIES FLEA MARKET Reschedules Los Angeles Event For 2021


DT: JUNE 19, 2020
MARCH 13 & 14, 2021


ODDITIES FLEA MARKET–a one-of-a-kind experience for those of all-ages and all walks of life to peruse an endless sea of strange and unusual objects–has officially rescheduled their 2020 Los Angeles event to take place on Saturday, March 13 and Sunday, March 14, 2021 at The Globe Theatre following its previous postponement to July due to COVID-19 live event restrictions. Over the past few months, ODDITIES FLEA MARKET has held virtual live auctions via Instagram (@odditiesfleamarket) every Saturday at 3:00 P.M. ET and will continue to do so throughout the year. Additionally, co-producer/osteologist/star of Discovery‘s Oddities, RYAN MATTHEW COHN has hosted a series of virtual cat skeletal articulation classes where attendees are shipped the materials and then invited to join Ryan on a private skype instructional class. Sign up for ODDITIES FLEA MARKET‘s newsletter to be alerted when a new class is available at

“As the COVID-19 situation continues to change and evolve, we have decided it is in the best interest of our vendors, staff and attendees to reschedule this summer’s event in Los Angeles for March 13 and 14, 2021,” states COHN. “This was not an easy call to make, but without conclusive health information and firm phasing guidelines for live events, it was the safest option. We don’t want to continue postponing from month to month as new information becomes available, and we absolutely don’t want to rush in at the earliest sign of reopening and put anyone in our community at risk. We are so thankful for your cooperation and support as we navigate the current climate.”

All purchased tickets will automatically be transferred to the corresponding rescheduled date(/s). For those unable to attend the new dates, ticket refunds will be available via Eventbrite until July 1, 2020, after which all sales will be final.

Curated by Ryan Matthew Cohn and his wife/executive producer Regina Marie Cohn,the ODDITIES FLEA MARKET was developed in 2017 to fill the void of ‘odd culture’ in Brooklyn and has since traveled across the U.S. including successful markets in Los Angeles, CA and Chicago, IL. The unique event allows attendees to find items catered to the macabre from the COHN‘s personal collection as well as several independent vendors and boutiques with items ranging from medical history ephemera, anatomical curiosities, natural history items, osteological specimens and taxidermy to home décor, jewelry, one-of-a-kind art, bizarre flair and more. The market has been featured in national press from outlets including ABC‘s Localish, Time Out NY, VICE, NY TIMES, LA Weekly, Revolver Magazine, Collector’s Weekly, INKED and BlackBook.

(l-r: Ryan Matthew Cohn, Regina Marie Cohn; photo credit: David Zeck)



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PROFESSOR DR. ERNST VON SCHWARZ Offers Tips On How To Remain Healthy And Safe As The U.S. Re-Opens


DATE:         JUNE 16, 2020
“Don’t Go Back To Normal, But Do Adapt A “New Normal”
By Professor Dr. Ernst von Schwarz
With the majority of states re-opening in the U.S., PROFESSOR DR. ERNST VON SCHWARZ–one of the most published and recognized cardiologists in the world and director of the Southern California Hospital Heart Institute, Los Angeles, CA–is offering some tips on how to remain healthy in the new normal.
**Please feel free to print this in its entirety, or any portion of it, attributing it to Dr. von Schwarz. He is also available for interviews including TV appearances.
It appears that the expected second wave of COVID-19 infections is already here.
As a result of the recent gatherings as well as less stringent behavioral patterns of many by not adhering to distancing recommendations, we likely will see more transmissions from healthy people who might remain completely asymptomatic.
Obviously, the virus is not going away, and we might have to deal with Coronavirus infections for a prolonged period of time.
As a healthcare provider, I have the following suggestions:
  1. Continue to stay within your own community “bubbles,” which means to stay within your close family members or groups. Remind each member of each particular bubble to get COVID-19 testing, ideally on a regular basis and possibly repeatedly over time, so that anyone who tests positive should either be separated within the bubbles or asked to stay out and to avoid close contact with the elderly and those with underlying pulmonary and cardiac diseases.
  3. Continue to avoid exposure to large crowds. The soccer stadiums in Italy represented a Petri dish for the transmission of the virus and the attendance of mass events should be strongly discouraged at the current time.
  5. Evaluate the daily news–it’s critical. Several statements that have been made in the past were retracted days later. As an example, the hype about a registry demonstrating a very high death rate of patients receiving Hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 published in “The Lancet” within the last month was also retracted by the authors since they were unable to verify their own data. Still, Hydroxychloroquine remains controversial and should not be used at this time, in my opinion, as a treatment or prevention for COVID-19 until further validated data are available.
  7.  Continue adhering to precautionary measures such as using personal protection devices, masks, gloves and eye shields as well as the use of frequent handwashing with soap and the use of hand sanitizers.
  9. Continue healthy habits of exercising at a distance to others, i. e. at least 5 feet away from each other in a gym or an outside environment.  And continue to observe healthy food habits by using a balanced diet and avoiding toxic substances.
  11. Adopt a “new normal” to protect yourself and your loved ones rather than going back to the behaviors of the pre-pandemic era.
  13. Keep personal meetings short in time.
  15. Use masks in gyms and restaurants except when working out at a high pace or when eating or drinking.
  17. Encourage others to adhere to distance measures.
  19. Consider your safety and the safety of your bubble members over social interests.
For more information on Professor Dr. Ernst von Schwarz–one of the most published and recognized cardiologists in the world and director of the Southern California Hospital Heart Institute, Los Angeles, CA, visit:


CBS, SAN DIEGO, NEWS 8 (Dr. von Schwarz interviewed about how hydroxychloroquine is not a proven treatment for COVID-19):


DYLAN HARTIGAN Announces Summer Drive-In Movie Tour, Debuts Music Video For New Single “What’s In The Cards”


DT: JUNE 15, 2020



Coinciding with the release of his heartfelt “What’s In The Cards” single and video, indie folk/Americana singer-songwriter DYLAN HARTIGAN is excited to return to the stage as he reveals the dates for “Dylan’s Drive-In Tour“–a partnership with the transportation app Boxcar which sees him perform solo acoustically each night at the pop-up event as the opening act before a movie is shown. For tickets to the in-progress dates listed below, please visit

DYLAN recently performed at four of Boxcar‘s recent events in New Jersey which sold out within minutes. A gallery of images from these past events can be viewed on his Instagram (@goesbydylanHERE. DYLAN has also shared the music video for “What’s In The Cards.” Stream it below or via YouTube HERE.
This creative yet strategic pivot choreographed by DYLAN provides this indie artist with something few others have been able to figure out:  a way to survive, tour and make new in-person fans during a time when there is no real template or routing for artists to follow for live performances.

“I think this inventive way of performing during the pandemic is not just a means of survival but is also an evolution forward in entertainment,” shares DYLAN. “It’s a combination of arts and feels very personal. Not only does everyone enjoy themselves during the performances but they also feel safe and not guilty while doing so. This was an idea myself and my manager had while at a drive-in theatre and it was such a light bulb moment for me. It also fuels my fire to perform live and gives me that joy back. I’ve never had playing music taken away from me so quickly and now that I figured out a way to do it (safely) I’m not gonna stop.”

“We’re excited to partner with Dylan Hartigan at our entertainment venues this summer,” says Boxcar Business Development associate Spencer Herman. “Dylan performed at our second-ever drive-in and the moment he started playing both my colleague Dan and I were blown away. From my experience previously working at CAA and Paradigm Talent Agency, I immediately saw the potential in Dylan and for this partnership.”

He continues, “Boxcar’s goal since Day 1 has been to provide the suburban community with value. When the pandemic started Joe Colangelo (our CEO), Dan & I brainstormed and felt what the suburbs needed more than anything right now is a live entertainment experience people can enjoy together while staying safe. We want to thank Dylan & his team for thinking outside the box during this unprecedented time.”


Dylan Hartigan - What's In The Cards (Official Music Video)


What’s In The Cards” was recorded by Grammy-nominated producer Bobby Holland (ZZ Ward, Kesha, Drake White) in Nashville alongside co-producer and rock n soul artist Maggie Rose. The track was originally premiered by Stereo Embers which noted: “There’s a touch of tension and a touch of optimism operating from different corners throughout the song and Hartigan’s delivery is filled with aching exactitude.” Look for the song to be featured on DYLAN‘s as-yet-untitled debut album this fall alongside the previously released single, “My Island,” which premiered on American Songwriter (4/2/2020) and was featured as part of Empty Space Project sessions with artists using minimal resources in at-risk or abandoned locations around local communities.
DYLAN has previously toured across the country on intimate shows hosted by Sofar Sounds and performed onstage with Kelly Clarkson following his appearance on Season 14 of NBC’s “The Voice” reality singing competition.

June 13 – Montville, NJ
June 15 – Boonton Township, NJ
June 16 – Metuchen, NJ
June 17 – Bernardsville, NJ
July 7 – East Hanover, NJ
July 8 – Springfield, NJ
July 14 – East Hanover, NJ
July 22 – Berkeley Heights, NJ
July 23 Springfield, NJ
July 25-27 – Westwood, NJ
July 29 – TBD
Aug 5 – Berkeley Heights, NJ
Aug 6 – Boonton Township, NJ
Aug 13 – Springfield, NJ
Aug 18 – Berkeley Heights, NJ

Photo Credit: Ford Fairchild
For more information on
DYLAN HARTIGAN, please visit:
Founded in 2016, Boxcar works to simplify life for suburban commuters, from parking and transportation to grocery delivery and entertainment. Based in Chatham, NJ, the company has a presence in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and California.


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SUNNY OZELL ‘Live At The Village’ Acoustic EP Due Out July 17

DATE:        JUNE 15, 2020
Singer-songwriter SUNNY OZELL has announced the release of a new acoustic EP, LIVE AT THE VILLAGE, due out July 17. It is comprised of four songs lifted from her OVERNIGHT LOWS album (released earlier this year), along with a personally poignant cover of Los Lobos“The Valley.” The EP was recorded live at the historic Village Studios in Los Angeles and features raw and affecting versions of the songs. Listen to the EP here.
The tracks on LIVE AT THE VILLAGE all hold a very meaningful sense of place both geographically and spiritually, with “Driving Highways” referencing the landscape of SUNNY‘s home state of Nevada, the English countryside of “The Garden,” to the transience of travel and memory in “Comes And It Goes.” The first single from the EP, “Hammer And Nail,” takes its title and meaning from the Staples Singers song of the same name. The most overtly political song SUNNY has released, the track is an acknowledgement that change will “…take more than a hammer and nail/to keep the peace and finally tip the scales,” and instead emphasises the importance of change from a local level. Much like SUNNY‘s earthy, soulful sound, it is very much a ground-up approach.
“When I’d finished making OVERNIGHT LOWS, I’d thought I was done probing these particular songs,” SUNNY says of the LIVE AT THE VILLAGE EP. “But in taking another swing at some of my already completed tunes I was reminded that we’re never really ‘done,’ and that it can be a total pleasure to keep exploring and expanding. It was such a joy to return to The Village recording studios in Santa Monica late last summer to track some acoustic versions of a select group of my songs. I’d thought I would come away with some stripped down ‘coffee house’ kinda takes on the material; ‘acoustic’ has often meant to me ‘soft’ or ‘delicate.’ But what these two days of tracking produced was something of a surprise: genuine re-imaginings of the songs themselves, albeit performed with all-acoustic instrumentation.”
Live At The Village tracklisting:
  1. Hammer And Nail (Acoustic)
  2. Driving Highways (Acoustic)
  3. Comes And It Goes (Acoustic)
  4. The Garden (Acoustic)
  5. The Valley (Acoustic)
Recently, SUNNY intertwined her love of music with her love of medieval history and architecture, with a hugely popular series of videos in which she explores three churches close to her heart in Oxfordshire, while performing songs in them. Watch the Church Sessions series here:
SUNNY’s OVERNIGHT LOWS (released earlier this year) gleams with engaging melodies and intelligent wordplay performed with a sophisticated fluency in pop, jazz, soul and Americana dialects. In SUNNY‘s words, OVERNIGHT LOWS reflects the soul and simplicity of her passion for such inspirations as Bonnie Raitt, David Byrne, Cassandra Wilson, and Aretha Franklin. Players on the album include Jay Bellerose (Robert Plant, Aimee Mann, Alison Krauss), Tyler Chester (George Ezra, Maddison Cunningham), Andy Hess (The Black Crowes, David Byrne), Adam Levy (Norah Jones, Roseanne Cash), and Rich Hinman (Sara Bareilles). The album was recorded at Village Studios in Los Angeles, and engineered by Mike Piersante. “All That I Am,” the album’s first single, debuted earlier this year at AMERICAN SONGWRITER.


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